The Ixen are an intelligent race, yet vain and prone to irritability.  They take great pride in their culture, and view other humanoid cultures as bland and uninteresting.  Most Ixen view individuals from other races with indifference, bordering on suspicion. These individuals must earn respect from the Ixen – it will not be given based on reputation, or bought with gifts.  Respect, once earned, is not easily lost, and those lucky enough to be befriended by a Ixen find themselves with a loyal and true companion for the remainder of their years.

Ixen who remain in exclusively Ixen-populated areas tend to be very xenophobic or insular.  This is due to the importance their culture places on self-sufficiency and the stigma associated with dependence on others.

As young adventurers Ixen can make frustrating and obnoxious companions and their distrust of other races and vanity cause tensions.  However, groups that adventure with a Ixen over long periods of time find themselves relying on their keen minds, and developing an unshakable bond of trust and respect.

You Might…

  • Look down upon others until they prove themselves to you.
  • Find comfort in great heights or open air.
  • Have a tendency to speak verbosely and with very deliberate enunciation.

Others Probably…

  • Think you’re pretentious or obnoxious.
  • Assume that you can’t stand cold temperatures.
  • Respect your authority on linguistic subjects.
Physical Description

Their slight frame and membrane connecting the limbs to the torso are efficient at dispersing heat into the air, which is crucial when in their native habitats of the volcanic regions of Merisyl.  Their pebbled, lizard-like orange skin is tougher than it appears, and makes for decent protection against the heat of volcanic environments. Their bodies are hairless with the exception of a wiry mane-like crop of hair from the top of the head to their shoulder blades.

The large surface area created by the tall stature and membranous skin of the Ixen gives them the ability to glide from great heights, and in their native regions they can ride updrafts from the volcanic vents.  Unfortunately, that same surface area makes them susceptible to low temperatures.

Their fine features are almost Elvish in appearance, but their reptilian skin and taloned hands look draconic.  Academics who postulate a Dragon-Elf heritage are dismissed by the Ixen as fools.

The average height range for both male and female Ixen is 6’2” to 7’6”.


Ixen are comfortable in any region where the temperature does not frequently dip below freezing.  They often can tolerate significant heat (up to the boiling point of water) with no penalties or ill effects.  Their preferred lands are volcanic regions with active geothermal vents, which can allow them to glide with ease.

Historically the Ixen have always lived in close proximity with Red Dragons.  They have cultivated a working relationship with these vain and ferocious marauders, and as a result have come to make cultural choices which ease those relationships. Ixen are typically organized into monogamous life-long relationships responsible for rearing children.  Most Ixen families raise one or two children and no more, but in rare cases families have been known to have as many as 12 children.

Ixen speak Ixenic as their native tongue, and most also speak Draconic and Trade Common.  The Ixenic tongue sounds somewhat Draconic, but with softer vowels and fewer hard consonants.  The written form of Ixenic uses the Draconic alphabet.

Many Ixen worship Nuvria, Goddess of Solitude.


Ixen typically have three names.  Their first name identifies their city or region of birth, their second name identifies their family, and their last name is given by their parents.  By friends they are called only by their given name. Acquaintances from other races also frequently call Ixen by only their given name, which the Ixen find mildly offensive and a sign of barbarism.

Sample Names

Tyrn Usil Noach, Tyrn Raash Athear, Tyrn Viri Martiv

In each case “Tyrn” is the city of birth, “Usil”, “Raash” and “Viri” are family names, and “Noach”, “Athear” and “Martiv” are given names, by which they would be known to their friends and family.


Hit Points 6

Size Medium

Speed 25 feet

Ability Boosts Dexterity, Intelligence, Free

Ability Flaw(s) Constitution

Languages Common, Ixenic

Additional languages equal to your Intelligence modifier (if it’s positive).

Choose from Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Gnomish, Jotun, Orcish, and any other languages to which you have access (such as the languages prevalent in your region).

Low-Light Vision

You can see in dim light as though it were bright light, so you ignore the concealed condition due to dim light.


Volcano-born Ixen

You’ve grown up in the presence of geothermal vents and volcanic landscapes. You gain fire resistance equal to half your level (minimum 1). Environmental heat effects are one step less extreme for you.

Mountain-born Ixen

You’ve grown up in the high altitudes of a mountain homeland, and are accustomed to its perils. You gain a +1 circumstance bonus to Acrobatics checks made to Balance or Maneuver in Flight, and are not flat-footed when doing so. When your proficiency in Acrobatics increases to Expert, this bonus becomes +2.

Crag-born Ixen

Your talons are adapted for gripping and climbing craggy slopes. You gain the Combat Climber feat as a bonus feat, and as long as you aren’t wearing footwear, you can use the talons on your feet to climb, leaving your hands free. Additionally, if you roll a success on an Athletics check to climb, you get a critical success instead.

Grounded Ixen

You’ve grown up outside of typical Ixen society and instead among the broader societies of other ancestries. You gain the Adopted Ancestry general feat, and are considered to have the physiology for claw or jaws unarmed attacks. You are also trained in Diplomacy.

Ancestry Feats

At 1st level, you gain one ancestry feat, and you gain an additional ancestry feat every 4 levels thereafter (at 5th, 9th, 13th, and 17th levels.) As an ixen, you select from among the following ancestry feats.

1st Level

Ixen Lore – Feat 1 (Ixen)

You deeply understand your people’s cultural traditions and innate strengths. You gain the trained proficiency rank in Arcana and Society. If you would automatically become trained in one of those skills (from your background or class, for example), you instead become trained in a skill of your choice. You also become trained in Ixen Lore.

Psuedodragon Familiar – Feat 1 (Ixen)

You’ve befriended a psuedodragon or ‘house drake’, which becomes magically bonded to you. You gain a tiny psuedodragon familiar, which has the dragon trait instead of the animal trait. One of its abilities must always be the flier or independent familiar abilities.

Magical Linguist – Feat 1 (Ixen)
You’re well-versed in magics that rely on language or iconography. You become trained in arcana (or another skill of your choice if you were already trained). Additionally, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus to saving throws against spells with the Linguistic trait. Finally, you can cast the cantrip Sigil as an Innate arcane spell at will.

Wing Flap <> – Feat 1 (Ixen)
Prerequisites: trained in Athletics

You have strong wings that you can flap in a broad motion, sending a powerful rush of air forward. You can Shove one creature of your size or smaller within 15 feet, or 20 if you are larger than medium. You do not need to have a free hand to do this, and you may not Stride as a part of this Shove.

Dragon Spit – Feat 1 (Ixen)

Your draconic heritage is especially pronounced, allowing you a semblance of a dragon’s breath. Choose one of the following cantrips: acid splash, electric arc, produce flame, or ray of frost. You can cast this spell as an innate arcane spell at will, and when you cast it, the spell’s energy emerges from your mouth.

Protective Patagia <R> – Feat 1 (Ixen)
Trigger: You are about to roll a Reflex saving throw against an area effect.

You’re accustomed to having to quickly protect yourself from blasts of heated air and similar hazards with your wings. As a reaction, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus to the triggering saving throw.

Razor Talons – Feat 1 (Ixen)
Your family has particularly long, sharp talons capable of delivering bleeding wounds with a wicked swipe. You gain a talon unarmed attack that deals 1d6 slashing damage. Your talons are in the brawling group and have the agile, finesse, and unarmed traits.

5th Level

Determined Independence – Feat 5 (Ixen)

You are insistent on being able to get by on your own, even when the help of others is available. When you make a Medicine check to Treat your own Wounds, Disease, or Poison, or you make Survival check to Subsist, you gain a +1 circumstance bonus. This increases to +2 if you are a master in Medicine or Survival, respectively.

Double Jump <R> – Feat 5 (Ixen)

Trigger: You are at the apex of a vertical Leap, or are about to hit the ground from falling.
You flap your patagia forcefully, gaining vertical momentum. You may immediately vertically Leap, despite not being grounded. If this was done in response to falling, you treat the fall as if it was 30 feet shorter.

Ixen Glide <> – Feat 5 (Ixen)
Using your wings, you can control your descent. You glide slowly toward the ground, 5 feet down and up to 25 feet forward through the air. As long as you spend at least 1 action gliding each round and have not yet reached the ground, you remain in the air at the end of your turn. If you’re above a geothermal vent or similar feature producing a heated updraft, you remain in the air anyway, and can spend an action to ride the updraft vertically 20 feet.

Ixen Unarmed Cunning – Feat 5 (Ixen)

You make the most of your ixen unarmed attacks. Whenever you score a critical hit with an unarmed attack you gained from a heritage or ancestry feat, you apply the unarmed attack’s critical specialization effect.

Gecko’s Grip – Feat 5 (Ixen)

Prerequisite: Crag-born Ixen heritage
You cling to walls with a preternatural grip. You gain a climb Speed of 15 feet.

Magical Comprehension – Feat 5 (Ixen)

Prerequisites: Magical Linguist

Your knowledge of arcane linguistics increases. You gain a +1 circumstance bonus to Decipher Writing of a magical nature and to any checks to Learn a Spell. Additionally, you can cast Comprehend Languages as an innate 2nd-level arcane spell once per day.

9th Level

Arcane Glottologist – Feat 9 (Ixen)

Prerequisites: Magical Comprehension, expert in Arcana
You have mastered the ixen arts of linguistic magics. Your innate Comprehend Languages spell can be heightened to 3rd or 4th level as you please, and enemies take a -1 circumstance penalty to any saving throws against spells with the linguistic trait that you cast.

Empowered Flight<><> – Feat 9 (Arcane, Ixen, Morph, Transmutation)

Prerequisites: Ixen Glide
Frequency: Once per day
You empower your wings with magic from your draconic heritage, allowing them to support you in flight. You gain a fly Speed equal to your land Speed for 10 minutes.

13th Level

Fire Suppression <> – Feat 13 (Ixen)

Prerequisites: Wing Flap
You are so skilled at manipulating fires and heat with your wings that you can suppress them with a single strong flap. You can use an action to automatically end persistent fire damage being taken by yourself or a target within 15 feet. Alternatively, as an action, you can attempt to counteract an effect with the fire trait within 15 feet of you, using your Athletics modifier. You can only end one five-foot square of such an effect at a time. This can be used to end spells such as Flaming Sphere, or to remove a single square of a Wall of Fire.

17th Level

True Flight – Feat 17 (Ixen)

Prerequisites: Empowered Flight
Your empowered wings have grown strong enough to be maintained constantly. You gain the effects of Empowered Flight at all times.