I. Geographical Information

A. Geography and Terrain

Zapping Fields

The Zapping Fields is an area of craggy hills which is subject to an unnatural abundance of lightning storms. Many speculate that this area is either blessed or cursed by Khirr, or that some powerful holy artifact of Khirr resides in the area. What is known is that among the crags of the Zapping Fields are clusters of a mineral called Blue Baryte, which has the special property of attracting lightning.

Roaming about the Zapping Fields are various Air Elementals of electric nature, seeming to wander aimlessly about, as though they too are drawn by the power of the Blue Baryte. They tend to be wrathful by nature and will most likely attack any that they run across. Larger clusters of Blue Baryte or places of divine importance to Khirr may have more numerous and more powerful elementals such as Storm Lords. Additionally, there are many small hobgoblin camps scattered across the Zapping Fields, extracting Blue Baryte for use in their alchemical creations. Small camps typically contain 2 to 4 Hobgoblin Archers and 4 to 8 Hobgoblin Soldiers. Larger camps may contain twice as many of these hobgoblins in addition to a Hobgoblin General.

2. Major landmarks or natural wonders (such as mystical forests, ancient ruins, colossal waterfalls, etc.)

B. Climate

1. Different climate zones across the continent (arid, temperate, tropical, etc.)

2. Seasonal changes or peculiar weather patterns

C. Ecology

1. Unique flora and fauna specific to the continent

2. Notable magical or mythical creatures inhabiting the area

II. Cultural Information

A. Civilizations and Societies


Coalte is a medium-sized city on the west coast of Verchix on the Bay of Morrazu. Sometimes called the “Gateway to Verchix”, it is a largest shipping trade center on the continent.

Crystal Waters

The Crystal Waters orc tribe lives around the snow line south of Fylott, in an area where the source springs of the Rhyaex river originate.


Nestled in some of the highest peaks of the Mountains of Treth, the metropolis of Fylott is difficult to reach for those who can’t fly.


The devout city of Tyrn is both carved from the mountainsides and built upon them.

2. Cultural diversity among different regions or ethnic groups, including languages.

B. Religion and Beliefs

1. Major religions or belief systems prevalent among the inhabitants

2. Sacred sites or religious practices unique to the continent

C. Traditions and Customs

1. Festivals, rituals, or traditional ceremonies celebrated by the locals

2. Social norms or taboos that guide behavior

III. Historical Information

A. Ancient History

1. Myths or legends about the creation of the continent

2. Significant events from the distant past that shaped the continent

B. Recent History

1. Wars, conflicts, or major political shifts in recent centuries

2. Important figures or rulers that have influenced the continent’s development

IV. Magical Information (Optional)

A. Magic in the Continent

1. Unique magical phenomena or ley lines present in certain areas

2. Schools of magical thought or prominent magical academies

B. Artifacts or Relics

1. Legendary or powerful magical artifacts rumored to exist in the continent

2. Places associated with magical power or significance

V. Adventure Hooks

A. Quests or Challenges

1. Intriguing mysteries, quests, or challenges available to adventurers

2. Potential threats or conflicts brewing in the continent

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