I. Geographical Information

A. Geography and Terrain

1. Overview of the continent’s physical features (mountain ranges, rivers, forests, deserts, etc.)

2. Major landmarks or natural wonders (such as mystical forests, ancient ruins, colossal waterfalls, etc.)

B. Climate

1. Different climate zones across the continent (arid, temperate, tropical, etc.)

2. Seasonal changes or peculiar weather patterns

C. Ecology

1. Unique flora and fauna specific to the continent

2. Notable magical or mythical creatures inhabiting the area

II. Cultural Information

A. Civilizations and Societies


Di’Ran is the latest mine to open in the Skyteeth. Three years ago the Snowcrystal family of Dwarves recruited a few dozen miners, offering them the latest tools and techniques – and a small share of the profits – to tackle one of the least hospitable places in Merisyl.

The backbone of these tools and techniques is coal. That resource is plentiful, and is used to drive giant mechanical drills, heat furnaces, and power skylifts.

It has become such an important part of the economy and culture that a bizarre form of cult worship has started forming around it.

What was originally just a group of drinking companions who called themselves “The Blackrock Boys” morphed into something more fervent when Harklin Vorhiim found the Charred One. This apparently naturally occurring formation of coal resembles a gargoyle on a pedestal. The charismatic Harklin, a mining foreman, discovered the formation one evening while hunting in the snowy peaks. Struck by the unusual nature of the formation he stopped there to rest, and enjoy Matti Driscoll’s home-brewed whiskey. After falling asleep at the base of the statue Harklin awoke refreshed and invigorated. The next week his crew had a lucky streak – finding a number of sizable veins of gemstones.

Harklin attributed their luck to the Charred One, and rather than keeping it to himself he shared the news with the rest of the village. Before long he was leading handfuls of people up to sleep beside the Charred One under the moonlight, and every lucky strike became credited to the Charred One.

With Harklin’s proselytizing of the luck of the Charred One the Blackrock Boys transformed from drinking companions to religious zealots. Calling themselves the Blackrock Believers, they began to take superstitions and turn them into ceremonies. They eschewed the Skycart Line as a way to get from the village to the mine as being disrespectful to the Charred One, and they’ve taken to smearing coal chevrons on their cheeks and forehead as a sign of devotion.

Recently they have claimed to see the Charred One come to life and moving through the pines on the high slopes of the Skyteeth.

2. Cultural diversity among different regions or ethnic groups, including languages.

B. Religion and Beliefs

1. Major religions or belief systems prevalent among the inhabitants

2. Sacred sites or religious practices unique to the continent

C. Traditions and Customs

1. Festivals, rituals, or traditional ceremonies celebrated by the locals

2. Social norms or taboos that guide behavior

III. Historical Information

A. Ancient History

1. Myths or legends about the creation of the continent

2. Significant events from the distant past that shaped the continent

B. Recent History

1. Wars, conflicts, or major political shifts in recent centuries

2. Important figures or rulers that have influenced the continent’s development

IV. Magical Information (Optional)

A. Magic in the Continent

1. Unique magical phenomena or ley lines present in certain areas

2. Schools of magical thought or prominent magical academies

B. Artifacts or Relics

1. Legendary or powerful magical artifacts rumored to exist in the continent

2. Places associated with magical power or significance

V. Adventure Hooks

A. Quests or Challenges

1. Intriguing mysteries, quests, or challenges available to adventurers

2. Potential threats or conflicts brewing in the continent

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