The Crystal Waters orc tribe lives around the snow line south of Fylott, in an area where the source springs of the Rhyaex river originate. While the tribe’s ground ranges broadly across the mountains, they center around the communal hub now known as Crystal Waters.

These high mountains near the snowline are the perfect environment for the Orcs to test their strength as they so like to do. The cold is only one opponent; the creatures that roam those high mountains are far more dangerous.

A crude wall of bones from the beasts that have been defeated by the Orc warriors surrounds the central settlement. The entrance is framed by the enormous skull of a Linnorm. The fight between Targ Mo-Chuum and the Linnorm several generations ago are part of the legends of the tribe. While the deed has no doubt grown with each re-telling, the defeat of such a creature is undoubtedly impressive, however it was accomplished.


The Crystal Waters tribe is organized a hereditary chiefdom which can be usurped through the challenge of single combat. Positions of authority in the tribe are appointed by the Chief, and are typically earned through combat prowess. One exception to this is the position of Spiritual Guide, which is typically filled with someone highly skilled in one of the magical traditions.

There is no formal “town guard” as an occupation. Instead all of the citizens serve in this capacity for three months out of each year. For the most part this is boring, tedious work consisting of staffing the look-out posts mounted on the horns of the massive Linnorm skull that serves as the entrance to the village. This boredom is interspersed with occasional bouts of danger when raided by nearby Boggards, Trolls or other creatures.

The current chief of the Crystal Waters tribe is Kuura Dag-Sorun, an accomplished warrior who recognizes the importance of peaceful alliances in addition to raw strength. Her husband Jamun Dag-Sorun and adult son Kumun Dag-Sorun hold positions of authority as well.

Her primary potential rival is seen as Dorran Mun-Forteth, a cleric of Endrell who dislikes contact with the outside world and councils isolationism.


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The area around the Crystal Waters settlement is populated with its fair share of mountainous wildlife – but mostly of a well-known (albeit still quite dangerous) variety. These mountains are close enough to Fylott and the Weeping Lesions that rumors constantly persist of underground connections to that unique ecosystem. Occasionally bizarre creatures that seem unnatural to the cold mountainous areas will be spotted, and so there is likely some truth to these rumors.


The tribal economy is primarily self-sustained through hunting, fishing, agriculture and mining. However, furs and other natural materials are traded with Fylott for resources that are not otherwise easily obtained.


Targ Mo-Chuum’s Conquest of the Linnorm

Several generations ago the tribe faced starvation as their Capriyeti, woolly rhinoceros and other game they survived on were consumed by Quavix – an immense Linnorm. The chief, Targ Mo-Chuum, and a handful of his most skilled warriors hunted down and defeated the beast. Only one of the Crystal Waters tribe survived the fight, and she went on to become Chief Gurani Dag-Marun. The lake to the south of the settlement is Lake Gurani in her memory.


Worship of Caltolav is predominant amongst the Crystal Waters tribe.