The Antarcanum believe that divine magic is to be wielded by the Gods alone, and Arcane magic is a corruption of nature, and should be stamped out wherever it is found. Members of this group are fanatic, and generally shunned by mainstream society. Given that Merisyl Gifts are so common, few share the beliefs of the Antarcanum. Many of the members who do are Ungifted.

Verrkothi Conclave

This group of historians has opened small, elite schools of education in each of the largest cities of Merisyl. Their focus is the study of the Verrkothi Empire. Ostensibly, they train scholars for purely academic reasons, but rumors have circulated that the leaders of this group are obsessed with locating Verrkoth artifacts of power.

The calendar of Merisyl is divided into 10 months of 35 days each, and a 14 day period called the Osvithix, generally a time of celebration and remembrance.


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