Lawful Good – God of Redemption, Second Chances, Hope the poor and the terminally ill. “The Absent God, The New God, The Betrayed, Seeker of Redemption, Arbiter of Absolution”

Realm: Sphere of Memories

Allies: Nuvria, Ator

Enemies: Zelagiur, Chuakazix

Temples: Athear of the Risen – With the lack of a true organized religious structure, temples to Litoriath are established by grassroots efforts in any abandoned structure sizable enough to fit a few dozen people or more.

Worshippers: The despondent who desire a fresh start, people good at heart who have made mistakes for which they desire to atone, people who believe in a better future, people with little to their name, and those who are terminally ill.

Sacred Animal: Phoenix

Sacred Colors: Red and Gold

Edicts: Be merciful, compassionate and forgiving. Strive to be better every day.

Anathema: Judgement without evidence, withholding aid to those in need, intentionally causing infection, summoning demons.


  • “Perfection is unreachable, but the most valuable destination one can journey towards.”
  • “Every mistake is an opportunity to learn.”
  • “Even the richest lords are but one disaster removed from poverty.”


Divine Ability: Wisdom or Charisma

Divine Font: Heal

Divine Skill: Medicine

Favored Weapons: Club, Greatsword

Domains: Duty, Knowledge, Perfection, Repose

Alternate Domains

Cleric Spells: 1st: Share Lore, 2nd: Enlarge, 4th: Stoneskin


Litoriath has returned to Merisyl’s pantheon, but done so with humility.  He understands that he did a great disservice to his followers in denying them the afterlife and in making that judgement without considering all the facts, and he carries this regret in the forefront of his thoughts.  He is dedicated to doing things differently this time around, and not taking his power or influence for granted.

He has made no claim to the areas of influence he once had.  Indeed, he has expressed his appreciation to Nuvria and Ator for the assumption of these domains.  He has instead turned his attention to those society has neglected… those who need mercy or forgiveness; those who lack hope; the poor and the sick.  He asks only that whatever situation a person finds themselves in now, that they commit to a journey which makes themselves better.

There is still very little organization to his clergy.  His re-ascendancy has establish primarily grassroots conversion, and those who believe in his message of redemption most fervently find themselves almost accidentally heading up meetings and gatherings of like-minded folks, then finding space in which these folks can form a community.

Divine Intercession

A new God is a situation that is ripe for exploitation, and there have been some charlatans who have attempted to exploit Litoriath’s message for their own gain.  Because Litoriath is both recently ascended and highly cognizant of his own prior faults, he is also more active in deterring this through his divine intercessions.

Minor Boon: You are granted a +1 status bonus on attempts to Earn Income, knowing you can be trusted to share with the needy.

Moderate Boon: Once every 10 minutes you can cast Bless as a first level divine spell – helping improve you and your companions’ abilities in combat.

Major Boon:  Once every 10 minutes you can cast Remove Disease as a third level divine spell.

Minor Curse:  You are inflicted with a -1 status bonus on attempts to Earn Income, knowing you are stingy with your wealth.

Moderate Curse:  You are unable to be Aided by others on skill checks, nor can you elect to Follow the Expert.

Major Curse:  You have incurred Litoriath’s severe displeasure, and require a lesson in humility. You are restricted in what you can carry upon your person to 1 bulk, none of which can be coin, jewels or other easily-exchanged wealth. You cannot accept goods or services for that which you give away, and are forced to be entirely reliant on the generosity of others or that which you can earn through honest work.