I. Geographical Information

A. Geography and Terrain

Aujir Hoardland
Azure Sands

The Azure Sands stretch endlessly, a vast expanse of desert where the horizon meets an endless sea of shimmering blue grains. This surreal landscape is unlike any other, captivating travelers with its beauty and mystery.

The sand in this desert is uniquely blue from the kyanite crystals prevalent in the southwest of the continent. As the kyanite crystals weather and erode over time, they break down into fine grains of sand that retain their striking blue color. The blue hue of the sand is further enhanced by the way light interacts with the crystals, giving the Azure Sands their mesmerizing appearance.

Despite its beauty, the Azure Sands are a harsh and unforgiving environment, where temperatures soar during the day and plummet at night. Only the hardiest of plants and animals have adapted to survive in this harsh landscape, adding to the sense of otherworldly beauty and isolation that defines the Azure Sands.

Cerulean Crescent
Duchy of Haaven
Obsidian Fenhold
Occupying the central third of Aunea, the country of Ornea ranges from the Chillspine Mountains in the west to the Grelamin and Tyrheumme Rivers to the east.  This large and diversely populated land is loosely governed by a conclave of Elder Dragons known as the Orneaic Heptarch. 
This group meets annually on the shores of Lake Orn, and every three years conducts a tour of each of the more populous settlements of Ornea.
Lake Orn

At the head of the Jhin River is Lake Orn, best known as the location of the Conclave of the Orneaic Heptarch, its frigid snowmelt-fed water, gigantic and delicious salmon, and the Czamthovaloryc (ZAM-tho-va-lori-ic) family. The Czamthovaloryc quintuplets were an extremely rare multiple-birth of White Dragons, made rarer by their unusual level of familial devotion to one another. These siblings call the mountains surrounding Lake Orn their home, and they play a central role in preparing and hosting the annual Summit.

In Lake Orn, the island of Gurthos is largely cold and inhospitable, but the town of Folle is an exception. The villagers (largely Suli) make a tidy profit from their harvest of Luminescent Choroan Mussels – a rare and delicious delicacy. These mussels are found only in the icy waters of Lake Orn. Those who harvest them are known as Ice-veined, from their seeming immunity to the cold.


The Brightwood is a large grove of massive deciduous trees near the center of Aunea. It borders the larger forests that cover much of the country, but differs significantly in that at night the leaves give back a gentle golden glow that keeps the woods illuminated almost all the time. The only time the leaves do not give their comforting light is during the new moon. These nights are referred to by the residents of the woods as Darknights.

The Brightwood is unofficially governed by the Daughter of the Brightwood, a dryad druid that has a reputation for being able to cure even the most severe of illnesses.

Nestled against the northwest corner of the Brightwood is Grimglow Mountain. The light from the Brightwood illuminates the eastern slope of the mountain from below, creating an eerie, supernatural feel. This, coupled with the rumors of actual haunting, gives the mountain its name.

B. Climate

1. Different climate zones across the continent (arid, temperate, tropical, etc.)

2. Seasonal changes or peculiar weather patterns

C. Ecology

1. Unique flora and fauna specific to the continent

2. Notable magical or mythical creatures inhabiting the area

II. Cultural Information

A. Civilizations and Societies


Downstream from Lake Orn at the foot of the cliffs from which the Jenelgic Falls pour into the forest below lies the town of Lower Mourleonne. Twelve hundred feet above it perched atop the cliffs is Upper Mourleonne. The mighty strength of the Jhin River is harnessed to power all manner of interesting and innovative devices, under the nurturing guidance of the Engineer’s Guild.


Sklynd is the only settlement of any size in the Azure Sands. It is a self-described meritocracy, with a diverse population.

2. Cultural diversity among different regions or ethnic groups, including languages.

B. Religion and Beliefs

1. Major religions or belief systems prevalent among the inhabitants

2. Sacred sites or religious practices unique to the continent

C. Traditions and Customs

1. Festivals, rituals, or traditional ceremonies celebrated by the locals

2. Social norms or taboos that guide behavior

III. Historical Information

A. Ancient History

1. Myths or legends about the creation of the continent

2. Significant events from the distant past that shaped the continent

B. Recent History

1. Wars, conflicts, or major political shifts in recent centuries

2. Important figures or rulers that have influenced the continent’s development

IV. Magical Information (Optional)

A. Magic in the Continent

1. Unique magical phenomena or ley lines present in certain areas

2. Schools of magical thought or prominent magical academies

B. Artifacts or Relics

1. Legendary or powerful magical artifacts rumored to exist in the continent

2. Places associated with magical power or significance

V. Adventure Hooks

A. Quests or Challenges

1. Intriguing mysteries, quests, or challenges available to adventurers

2. Potential threats or conflicts brewing in the continent

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