Brandywine Inn


The Oddsmaker


Gambling, Looting

Ability Scores

Strength and Wisdom

Signature Weapon

Spiked Gauntlet

The Delvers are renowned for their ceaseless burrowing and tunneling both under the city and beyond. Made up primarily of races comfortable underground (Gnomes, Dwarves, Goblins, Ysoki and the like) they are constantly exploring underground. Almost all of this exploration takes place in the vast system of caverns and tunnels underneath their headquarters – the Brandywine Inn.

This tunnel system is generally accepted to be magical in some way. Possibly extra-dimensional… possibly cross-planar. (The subtleties between the two are often discussed by drunken adventurer-philosophers in the Brandywine common room.) It goes far too deep to be natural, as Notch is virtually at sea level.

While the Delvers will place a wager on almost anything (from the weather, to when a ship will arrive in port to the color of dress a noblewoman will wear to a ball) their primary source of income is betting on adventurers that descend into these tunnels beneath the Brandywine. The enigmatic Oddsmaker has created magical tracking devices which register how far the parties have descended. Their position is updated hourly on a large board prominently displayed in the common room of the inn, and wagers are taken as to how far they will get and whether or not they will return alive. Side bets are often also placed on what they will return with, what wounds they will bear, etc.

Clan Head

The Oddsmaker (? Morphic); Seemingly ageless, but obviously old, the Oddsmaker has an air of mystery in addition to the fear and respect that any clan leader holds. Rumor has it that they have accumulated a massive hoard of wealth as a result of their age and vocation. Their ability to travel unmolested through the Brandywine tunnels and the invention of the trackers attracted the Delvers to them, and leadership is more of a grudgingly parental patronage than anything else.


Daggum “Doggo” Dogrider (M Goblin); Owaslet “Owl“ Ascanari (F Ysoki)


Brandywine Inn – The center of the Delvers’ operations and a great place for a strong drink, a tall tale and a large wager.

Primary Rackets

  • Gambling: The Oddsmaker or one of his underlings will set odds on virtually anything and take a wager against it. There are many tales, though, of those who tried to “fix” the outcome of a wager with the Oddsmaker through magical influence or subterfuge only to have it backfire spectacularly – with the lucky offenders ending up destitute and the unlucky ones ending up dead.
  • Looting: Anything left underground and unattended for more than a quick 10-count is fair game to the Delvers… even if it was just something you left in your cellar.