Circlet of Force


The Stack


Aelyn “Mirrors” Aifudia



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The Circlet of Force has a reputation for violence and heavy-handed use of magic to achieve their goals. This reputation has been well earned over the last 80 years or so, but for the past dozen has been tempered by Aelyn’s preference for guile and trickery. Indeed, the primary rackets of the clan are now focused on cons and grifts that are often so effective that their targets are completely unaware that they’ve been taken.

While not all the membership of the Circlet of Force are magic users, most are, and Aelyn has encouraged them to hire out their services for legitimate work as well as their rackets. They have effectively formed a guild of Arcane casters and the dues from membership are a meaningful contribution to the Circlet’s coffers.

The Circlet of Force has organized four-person patrols (called Diamonds) who regularly walk the streets of Fargic Hill to keep the peace. These patrols always include two mages, a melee expert and a ranged expert and are quite capable of handling most kinds of trouble they might encounter. As a result, residents of Fargic Hill enjoy a fairly peaceful day to day life, though some of the more well-to-do complain that the value of these patrols isn’t worth the modest tax collected to help fund them.

Clan Head

Aelyn Aifudia (F Elf) took the reins of the Circlet of Force about a dozen years ago after her predecessor stepped down. The bloodthirsty reputation of the clan is a remnant of prior leadership, as Aelyn’s approach to consolidating power and wealth runs more to trickery and less to violence. Her exceptional skill with illusion magic plays a big role in many of the clan’s cons. She is romantically involved with Samkin “Smoke” Rhinar.


Samkin “Smoke” Rhinar (M Halfling); Gazz “Flash“ Mocarnic (F Kobold)


The Stack – An eight-story apartment building a few blocks from the actual hill that gives the holding its name serves as the base of operations for the Circlet of Force.

Primary Rackets

Cons: The Circlet of Force use their magical prowess (and illusion magic in particular) to trick unwitting suspects into parting with their time or money. Often their marks don’t even know they’ve been taken.