Red-Eye Raiders


Abandoned warehouses and factories


Tormosh “Mosh” Garmog


Mugging, Protection

Ability Scores

Strength, Constitution

Signature Weapon


The Red-Eye Raiders are perhaps the least subtle clan in Notch. Their moneymaking ventures generally rely on brute strength and direct action. This has served them well for years, but as the head of the clan – “Mosh” Garmog – has aged, infighting amongst his lieutenants has fractured their ranks. Clans who used to fear brutal retribution from the combined might of the Red-Eye Raiders are growing bold. Indeed, the Bloodfire clan has been taking over the Iron Bolts Holding block by block for some years, and successfully defending it with their arcane capabilities.

Some whisper that the Red-Eye Raiders’ days are numbered, but woe unto whomever should should utter that whisper in Mosh’s hearing, as his prodigious strength is still great enough to silence the offender permanently.

Clan Head

Tormosh “Mosh” Garmog. (M Orc). Mosh is rumored to have Ogre in his ancestry, and not too far back. His temper, strength and features all lend credibility to that theory.


Feirn “Ballcrusher“ Garmog (F Half-Orc), Ormon “The Gouger“ Garmog (M Half-Orc) and Saneero “Snot” Garmog (F Human) are all Mosh’s offspring – and each by a different woman. Where once their combined might intimidated even the bravest foes they have for several years been at odds with one another. Only they know the full story, but it is generally thought to be a dispute that stemmed from their robbery of the Athear of Patrael about 4 years ago which resulted in dozens of deaths, including that of Feirn’s lover.


Theatre of Pain – Once a drying warehouse for tobacco, this building was converted to a theatre during the heyday of Notch’s arts scene. It hosted the most elaborate plays and was known as the Theatre of Joy and Pain. The Red-Eye clan took over the abandoned building as Mosh was originally consolidating his power, and under his reign the “Joy” part of the title was forgotten.

Primary Rackets

  • Mugging: Nothing fancy or subtle about it… the Red-Eye clan takes from whose don’t have the power to keep their valuables.
  • Protection: For those who live in the Iron Bolts holding, they pay a monthly protection fee to the Red-Eye clan to avoid theft at the hand of beatings. These fees are not sustainable, though, and the holding is roiling with an undercurrent of rebellious violence.