Mason’s Guild


Stonehall – Mason’s guild headquarters


Ofyra “Knuckles” Nunkle


Bridge Fee, Demolition

Ability Scores

Constitution and Wisdom

Signature Weapon


The Mason’s Guild strove for years to stay above board and adhere to the Magistrate’s dictums. However, as Notch descended into a constant struggle for power in Blizghuramoth’s absence, they found that to maintain power they needed to participate in the cutthroat environment of constant competition.

Well before the Rise the most powerful trade guild in this part of the city, the Mason’s Guild, began branching out into “alternative revenue streams”. Gradually they grew to control the Northbridge Holding – in no small part because the care and maintenance of the bridge itself really does require the skill of masons.

Clan Head

Ofyra “Knuckles“ Nunkle (M Kobold) Title “Keystone”


Urkut “Smudge“ Atiah (M Human), Shilaeria “Kerf“ Loupe (F Half-Elf)


Stonehall – which was the Mason’s Guild headquarters even when they were truly just a trade guild.

Primary Rackets

Bridge Fee – Although simple, the most revenue generated by the Mason’s Guild is charging a fee for the rights to use the bridge. A variety of options exist, from a copper for a single crossing to a gold for a 10-day chit. This is accompanied by a healthy amount of “searching for contraband” – which consists of liberating valuable goods from crossers not savvy enough to hide them or well connected enough to escape notice.

Demolition – While less common by far, the Masons also specialize in demolition – both voluntary and involuntary.

Primary Independents

Zarag Shaletop (M Dwarf). Zarag is a seasoned adventurer who has lived in the Northbridge holding for as long as anyone can remember. He mostly keeps to himself, hums along to minstrels in the local tavern and stays out of trouble. However, if trouble finds him, he is more than capable in a fight, and the Clan has always seen the effort of bringing him into their fold as more trouble than it was worth.

Azzadia Fortuna (F Human). Rumors about Azzadia abound – ranging from her luring men to their deaths with her beautiful voice to her actually being a Dragon. (Those who subscribe to the latter theory posit Crystal.) Regardless of the truth, she packs a magical punch.