The Collective


Wealthy houses, heavily secured


The Chairman


Favor Trading, Usury, Wage Slavery

Ability Scores

Dexterity, Wisdom

Signature Weapon


The Collective is the natural adaptation of those with enough money and power to flaunt the rules in a functioning democracy to decentralized rule where might makes right. In many ways Notch hasn’t changed for these privileged rich at all, as the rules hardly applied to them even with a fully functional government. The actual membership of the collective is quite small – possibly as few as a couple dozen. However, their money buys them legions of loyal ground troops who are largely unaware of the names and faces of their masters.

The citizens of this holding are generally well-fed and happy, as the Collective can afford to ensure that the holding is well cared for, and understands the threat to power that an unhappy mob represents.

Clan Head

The Chairman. (Assumed Male. Race unknown). It is unclear even whether there is a singular head of the Collective or how it operates, but title is wielded with great weight within the holding.


The Treasurer. (Assumed Female. Race unknown). This also is a role about which little as known – but the money does come from somewhere, and those on the receiving end credit the Treasurer.


The Vault – The bank of Notch and the Athear of Caltolav nearby serve as the financial center of the Silk Shards Holding and the Collective’s base of power. These heavily guarded buildings are supplemented with magical protections as well. Rumor has it that the two buildings are connected with underground tunnels, and that the true vault where the cities greatest treasures are protected lies hidden in this tunnel system.

Primary Rackets

  • Favor Trading: Money often provides a path out of short term problems, and the unwary will trade promises of future favors in return for cash today. The Collective always finds a way to get an excellent return on their investment.
  • Usury: Where favors are perceived as lacking sufficient value or where the person in need is too cautious to make a commitment like that, good old fashioned loans and usurious interest rates are a reliable source of income.
  • Wage Slavery: The most insidious of rackets, the Collective finds skilled people whose talents they will benefit from and tempts them into financial need. Whether in the form of an investment gone wrong, or indulging in vices to excess, or causing a disaster – most people are a short step away from living hand to mouth. The Collective then steps in with a job offer. Not quite too good to be true, and often not quite legal. But the lifeline it provides is too difficult to step away from.