Water Demons


Demonholt – Former Athear of Humanity


Ganmari “Bloody Mari” Costor


Fencing, Bridge Fee

Ability Scores

Dexterity and Charisma

Signature Weapon

War Razor

The Water Demons pushed the Mason’s Guild north and out of this holding in the years before the Abyssal Rending. While they have held it ever since, the southern bridge has not been competently repaired since due to their bitter rivalry with the Mason’s Guild. They have a reputation for intimidation and strong arm tactics to control their territory.

Clan Head

Ganmari “Bloody Mari“ Costor (F Human) Title “Pit Boss”


Juldolt “Biter“ Sledge (M Human), Kobbor “Teeth“ Chiseltooth (M Dwarf)


Demonholt – The clergy of this former Athear of Humanity were “encouraged” to move out as Notch descended into kakistocracy. Since then it has been the headquarters of each clan that has held Southbridge.

Primary Rackets

  • Fencing – The Water Demons specialize in fencing goods stolen from outside Notch and unloaded here. They stay well connected to well-to-do buyers of rare or exotic goods.
  • Bridge Crossing – Like the Mason’s Guild, the Water Demons also run the crossing racket on Southbridge, but with a less lucrative outcome. The questionable state of the Southbridge bridge and the more violent reputation of the Water Demons keeps traffic relatively light.

Primary Independents

Roqun “Knots” Larren (F Human) – This veteran of of the Abyssal Rending has seen countless battles and bears countless scars to remember them by. She spends months at sea every year, but always returns back to Notch. She is well connected both in Notch and beyond, and the Water Demons sometimes look to her when they have a specific need that they’ve found difficult to fulfil.