Stonewall Sentinels


Along the Northwestern wall


Captain Brunton Stronghammer


Gate fees, Impressment

Ability Scores

Strength, Charisma

Signature Weapon


The Stonewall Sentinels are organized like a military outfit – not surprising for a group run by a former captain of the city guard. They have a formal hierarchy, and each of the Lieutenants has a great deal of flexibility in how their unit is run. Captain Brunton holds weekly meetings with them for status updates and occasionally to issue orders, but has been more frequently taking a less direct hand in setting the day-to-day focus of the clan.

This military structure is taken quite seriously, and disrespect to a senior officer is punished harshly. A side-effect of this, though, is that the clan tends not to deal well with situations they haven’t specifically trained for, as the rank and file members are used to taking orders from their superiors rather than thinking for themselves.

Within the Stonewall Holding the Stonewall Sentinels regularly put up Directives, posting notices outside taverns and other public gathering spots. These Directives are enforced as laws by the Clan. Residents of the holding are generally resentful of these, as the process for creating Directives isn’t clear, doesn’t allow for public feedback, and can sometimes oscillate between varying points of detail depending on which Lieutenant’s unit drafted the Directive.

While violent crime is low in the Holding, the overall feeling from the residents is one of caution, uncertainty and fear – which doesn’t make for a very happy populace.

Tensions with Gamek’s Gang are always high, as their ceaseless quest to collect secrets often has a few of their clanfolk circulating through the traffic near the gate in disguise, collecting information. The Stonewall Sentinels generally view them as a nuisance, and resent the fact that access to the city by water is more common and detracts from their ability to collect gate fees.

Clan Head

Captain Brunton Stronghammer (M Dwarf) was a captain in the Notch city guard under Blizghuramoth, and served even as a loyalist through the Abyssal Rending. At the conclusion of the Rending, bitter with the news of of Blizghuramoth’s death, Captain Stronghammer convinced a contingent of the loyalists that with Blizghuramoth dead they had no reason to remain loyalists. They joined him and cleared out an area of the city along the wall and brought it under their control effectively as a clan. Where he once had the ambition to bring the entire city under his control, his recent behavior would suggest those plans are on hold as the clan has shown no recent signs of working to expand their territory.


Pauzie “Paws” Stanton (F Shooney), An’Cordonja “The Marked“ Ur-Moesi (F Human), Norlin “Splinter” Woodshaver (M Half-Elf), Darrow “The Stone” Grimstone (F Dwarf)


The Gatehouse – This large fort built around the city gate protects the one land entrance into and out of the city.

Primary Rackets

  • Gate Fees The Stonewall Sentinels use their control of city access (by land) to tax people coming to the city, requiring either coin or goods in kind.
  • Impressment The Stonewall Sentinels have been known to “volunteer” people against their will for military service or service to nobility or other powerful figures. This is generally done for infractions against the clan, but is sometimes done strictly for money as well.