Gamek’s Gang


The Overlook, and other high areas with a good view of the city


 Gamek “The Gifted” Fatecaller


Information Trading, Espionage, Blackmail

Ability Scores

Dexterity, WIsdom

Signature Weapon


Gamek Fatecaller has some moderate ability with divination – this ability combined with Gamek’s charisma, charm, and ruthlessness have been parlayed into one of the strongest clans in Notch. Gamek’s Gang is reputed to have a network of spies and informants that covers the entirety of Notch, and which costs hundreds of gold per day to retain. If that is true, though, it is made possible by the incredibly lucrative value of the secrets this network is unable to unearth. Gamek himself makes allusions to his “mystical sources”, but the truth is that the logistics of this information gathering are made possible primarily through the genius of his lieutenant Sarkza “The Sleuth” Katrone. Some say Gamek’s Gang would dissolve without her work behind the scenes – but behind the scenes is exactly where she prefers to be.

Tensions with the Stonewall Sentinels are always high, as their control over the land access to Notch interferes with the ability to easily collect information from this chokepoint of news from the outside world. The Sentinels also resent the fact that access to the city by water is more common and detracts from their ability to collect gate fees.

Clan Head

Gamek “The Gifted” Fatecaller (M Elf).


Sarkza “The Sleuth” Katrone (F Kobold), Dorpruder “Dorp” Rondleskoff (M Gnome), Menrad “The Ghost” Vaeman (M Minotaur)


The Overlook – This large tower (the largest of the three that are responsible for the Three Towers moniker) flanks southeastern canal branch. This canal and the docks at the river mouth are some of the most common paths taken in and out of Notch by water. Rather than imposing a toll on travelers using these paths, the Gang circulates through the travelers passing in or out of the city and collects news. Sometimes directly, and sometimes surreptitiously through eavesdropping or pickpocketing. The dock traffic in particular is a valuable source of information.

Primary Rackets

  • Information Trading: All knowledge the Gang collects is available at some price. Sometimes that price is more valuable knowledge and sometimes the price is gold, but the trading of secrets is their most lucrative business.
  • Espionage: Hand in hand with information trading comes espionage-for-hire. If someone needs to find something out and they lack the means to do so themselves, Gamek’s Gang is an effective (though expensive) option. The clan is so well known for their abilities in this area that they have been known to hire out their services to most of the major cities of Merisyl.
  • Blackmail: Occasionally through their constant sifting through information and endless observations the Gang will pick up information so salacious or so damning that people will pay dearly for that secret to remain secret. The Gang is careful to honor their word when they promise not to reveal information, or their ability to exploit this line of income would be compromised.