Description: MagicalRare
Fashioned as an elaborate tent stake, this magical item creates an extra-dimensional room when driven into the ground.

Value: 600 gp

Aura: Transmutation

Level: Item 7

Bulk: L (when not activated)

People and items within 2.5 feet of the stake are transported into a 60’ by 60’ stone room in extra-dimensional space. This room has one door out into normal space. At the spot the stake is driven into the ground a 5’ by 5’ stone building appears, with a door into the extra-dimensional room. Inside the room, in the center, is a fire-trapped trap door (keyed to the person who drove the stake into the ground, and trusted companions). Under the trap door is a 2’ by 2’ compartment which can be used for storage – but which also contains the tent stake, driven into the ground. Removing it causes the room to disappear – ejecting the contents into normal space.

The tent stake must be driven into the ground – not dirt in a bag or box, or any other transportable item.

Driving the tent stake into the ground or removing it is a one action activity which has the manipulate trait.

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