Level: 2 humanoidgmofungus

Size: Medium

Recall Knowledge: Arcana, Society DC 17

The Danndrites were deliberately bred in the Danndareol to serve as intelligent servants that required very little in the way of food, were effective in low light conditions and self-sustaining reproductively. These artificially induced crossbreed of goblins and fungus thrive underground, where they’ve formed small communities. Their skin is formed of interlocking plates that resemble mushroom caps and which can be raised to emit spores from the gills on the underside.

Danndrites consume food by dissolving it in their hands and absorbing it through their skin. The spores used to achieve this have been adapted for use in a variety of combat situations.

Perception: +8; darkvision

Languages: Danndric, Common

Skills: Athletics +8, Crafting +10, Nature +6, Stealth +8

Str +3, Dex +2, Con +3, Int +2, Wis +2, Cha +0

Spore Calibration 1 The Danndrite adjusts its bodily chemistry to allow itself to use one of its Spore traited actions. The Danndrite is calibrated to the Dissolution ability by default, and can only be calibrated to one spore traited action at a time.

Items: Various

AC: 18; Fort: +8, Ref: +9, Will +6

HP: 45; Resistances none

Breath of Bravery 1 spore
The Danndrite touches an adjaceant creature and eases their fears. It attempts to counteract a single fear effect affecting the target creature. This frees only the target, not any other creatures under the fear effect.

Speed 25 feet

Melee 1 fist + 10, Damage 1d2+2 bludgeoning plus Grab

Melee 1 hatchet+ 10 (agile, sweep, thrown 10′), Damage 1d2+5 slashing

Dissolution 1 (spore): Requirements – The Danndrite must have a creature grabbed. Its digestive touch deals 2d6 acid damage to the grabbed creature, and it regains hit points equal to the damage dealt.

Psychotropic Cloud 1 (spore) The Danndrite sows seeds of confusion in creature’s minds, causing their actions and thoughts to become clumsy.  Creatures in a 10′ cone are subject to the effects of befuddle with a DC 15 Will save.

Masking Cloud 1 (spore): The Danndrite emits a cloud of spores in a 10′ emanation that obscures it from sight. Every other creature without the Fungus trait in the area takes 2d4 poison damage (basic Fortitude save). A creature that critically fails the saving throw also becomes sickened 1.  All creatures in the area become concealed, and all creatures outside the area become concealed to creatures within it. These spores can be dispersed by a strong wind.

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