Tamgol have a reputation as an unsophisticated or even barbaric culture, only a generation removed from living in trees and caves. While the latter is quite literally true, the former demonstrates a lack of understanding and appreciation of the collective Tamgol intelligence and their level of civilization. Until recently they remained in their woodland glades and interacted primarily within their own clans.

People who know them in passing might know them as amazing cooks, incredible masseuses or accomplished musicians but view them as hedonistic and prone to satisfy their baser instincts. Those who know them better, however, understand that they wring purpose from every experience – living life to the fullest.

If you want to play a character that is fiercely loyal, quick-witted and intent on making every experience memorable you should play a Tamgol.

You Might…

  • Look to help those who seem to be without a strong family or social structure to support them.
  • Help yourself to things that other people (not within your inner circle) seem to be taking poor care of or aren’t fully appreciating.
  • Savor every meal, every sunrise and every new experience – making the most of this life and leaving no regrets behind.

Others Probably…

  • View you as barbaric, unclean and untrustworthy.
  • Underestimate your intelligence – regarding you as little more than a well-trained animal.
  • Are intrigued by your culture and the recent emergence of the Tamgol into the world at large – pestering you with questions.
Physical Description

The diminutive Tamgol are often underestimated – both mentally and physically. Standing about 2’ tall and resembling bipedal raccoons, they are small but vicious combatants.  Their small stature and dark fur make them difficult to spot if they don’t desire to be noticed.


Socially, Tamgol are generally found in clans (extended families) of 12 to 48, with each group of 12 including one leader. While outsiders view this as a “Chief”, a better translation from the Tamgolin language is “Guide“.  This leader is responsible for providing advice and support for their family.

For most societies their tales of ancestral upheaval are the stuff of storybooks and legends. For the Tamgol it is specific and recent – something the eldest lived through first hand. The events around Mezrek’s attack on Merisyl and Litoriath’s re-ascendency to the Pantheon to defeat him impacted the Tamgol in a dramatic and unprecedented fashion.

They convened the most honored of their Guides and came together for a giant Sharemeet. After a great deal of discussion and debate, they came to the conclusion that their practice of isolationism and self-sufficiency left them unable to influence a complex world in the wake of immense change. Without understanding and influencing the so-called “civilized” world, who could say what a mess of it these other races might make of things. Many Tamgol bundled up their few worldly possessions and set off to deliberately integrate themselves with the broader world. Their vision was to attempt to form Clans inclusive of other ancestries and to serve as Guides to the unfortunate of the world without them – those they called the “Lost”.

That Sharemeet (now often referred to as the Great Trade) was a contentious affair with a sizable contingent of Tamgol preferring the simplicity of their woodland existence to the danger presented by the larger races. Still others held that interacting with the world was fine – but they should be expected to follow Clan Rights. Those with more exposure to the world told a story of people with no clans to support them, no Guides to aid them and a lack of appreciation for their daily experiences. Famously, Guide Arkavix presented it to the sharemeet this way.

Imagine that you have woken up and are alone. You can no longer breathe in the crisp refreshing scent of a pine wood on a winter day. You no longer truly appreciate the succulent juices of a marinated steak grilled over an open flame. You have no Clan to aid and comfort you. You have no Guide to call upon for help. It is you against the world in all of its naked cruelty. This is what the Lost of Merisyl face each and every day. This is what we can lead them from. They need us as cubs need suckle. Let us leave the broken shelter of our forests and caves; let us channel this flood of humanity to water the crops of peace; let us go forth and Guide the Lost to the comfort of a Clan!

After 10 days of vigorous discussion (punctuated with 9 nights of exquisite cuisine) a decision was reached. Those who wished to step into the world as Guides would be given the blessings and supplies to do so.

Less than a year after the Rise of Litoriath groups of Tamgol begin showing up in towns and cities across Merisyl, offering to help, to learn… and to Guide. While the initial integration was awkward and full of misunderstandings and mishaps, the Tamgol and the Lost have become used to one another over the intervening few dozen years. There are now adult Tamgol born into the cities of Merisyl who have known no other life.

Tamgol can be any alignment or religion, but tend to put a high premium on the balance of nature and the importance of structure, leaning towards Lawful Neutral. Vivlorean, Premyzic, and Nuvria are all common choices. More recently, Litoriath has acquired a significant following of Tamgol – especially from those who consider themselves Guide-Called.

Tamgol gravitate towards groups that work closely together, preferring adventuring parties to solo roles. The party structure gives them the Clan concept still so important to how they view the world. If no clear Guide emerges within a party structure, they will naturally move to fill that role. Their small stature and lack of muscle mass discourages them from picking some of the more strength-intensive tasks.

Their background is often related to an art or craft that allows them to excel in experiencing the world at a deep level, such as cooking, herbalism, singing, sculpture or farming. Others prefer experiences stimulated by adrenaline and pursue thievery and intrigue.


Tamgol will typically name their offspring either with sound patterns that are pleasing to the ear, which honor some memorable experience in their past, or which honor an ancestor of which they are particularly proud.

Sample Names

Since the Great Trade many variations of the name Arkavix have been popular, such as Arkavva, Ravix, Arravella, etc.  Tributes to Litoriath are also plentiful, such as Toriah, Litath and Jhonsum Frei (“one who has awoken”).

Loarah (“setting sun”), Dinea Socorv (literally translated as “the delicious smell of freshly clipped dewmint”)

Family Structure

Tamgol children are often born in “litters” of 3 to 5, and frequently the names of littermates will be similar to one another or share a theme.


Hit Points 6
Size Small
Speed 25 feet
Ability Boosts Dexterity, Charisma, Free
Ability Flaw(s) Strength
Languages Common, Tamgol
Additional languages equal to your Intelligence modifier (if it’s positive).
Choose from Gnomish, Goblin, Draconic, Kobold, Ixenic and any other languages to which you have access (such as the languages prevalent in your region).
Low-Light Vision
You can see in dim light just as well as you can see in bright light.

You come from a long line of Tamgol who have lived most of their lives in the treetops hiding from landbound threats. You gain the Combat Climber skill feat, even if you don’t meet the prerequisites. You can use your clawed feet and tail to Climb, leaving your hands free. Additionally, if you succeed at an Athletics check to Climb, you critically succeed instead.
Your forefathers grew up around the edges of other civilizations, making great use of the bounty they disposed of wastefully. You can keep yourself fed with poor meals in a settlement as long as garbage is readily available, without using the Subsist downtime activity. You can eat and drink things when you are sickened. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus to saving throws against afflictions, against gaining the sickened condition, and to remove the sickened condition. When you roll a success on a Fortitude save affected by this bonus, you get a critical success instead. All these benefits apply only when the affliction or condition resulted from something you ingested.
You are descended from Tamgol who excel at moving quickly and quietly through shadows and around obstacles and tight spaces to forage while avoiding their hunters. You are trained in Stealth (or another skill if you were already trained in Stealth). You gain a +1 circumstance bonus to Stealth checks to Sneak in Exploration mode.

Ancestry Feats

At 1st level, you gain one ancestry feat, and you gain an additional ancestry feat every 4 levels thereafter (at 5th, 9th, 13th, and 17th levels.) You select from among the following ancestry feats.

1st Level

Tamgol Lore – Feat 1 (Tamgol)

You deeply understand your people’s cultural traditions and innate strengths. You gain the trained proficiency rank in Survival and Society. If you would automatically become trained in one of those skills (from your background or class, for example), you instead become trained in a skill of your choice. You also become trained in Tamgol Lore.

Guide-Called – Feat 1 (Tamgol)

You are port of or taught by the Tamgol faction that went into the world to provide it with guidance. You become trained in one of Diplomacy, Performance or Intimidation, and gain a +2 circumstance bonus to any check to Make an Impression.

Traditionalist – Feat 1 ( Tamgol)

You are port of or taught by those who chose to stay behind in the forests and caves and live life as they did prior to the Rise of Litoriath. you become trained in one of Medicine, Nature or Survival and gain a +2 circumstance bonus to the Command an Animal action.

Guided Instruction – Feat 1 (Tamgol)

You are skilled at instructing others. You gain a +1 circumstance bonus to checks for Aiding an ally, and if you roll a critical failure on a check to Aid, you don’t give your ally a –1 circumstance penalty to their check. Finally, when you are serving as the Expert for others taking the Follow the Expert action, they receive an additional +1 circumstance bonus to their check.

Culinary Negotiator – Feat 1 (Tamgol)

You are a remarkable cook, and are capable of preparing delicious meals with whatever food is at hand. You become trained in Cooking Lore. Critical failures when attempting the Earn Income activity using Cooking Lore are treated as failures. Diplomacy checks performed while serving food that you have prepared are performed with a +1 circumstance bonus, or +2 if you are an expert in Cooking Lore.

Sensate – Feat 1 (Tamgol)

Your passion for living life to its fullest has made you keenly aware of the world around you, and able to share these observations with others to their benefit. You gain the Canny Acumen feat and can cast guidance as an innate primal cantrip.

Liberator – Feat 1 (Tamgol)

You are very effective at freeing underappreciated items from clans that do not fully utilize them. You gain the trained proficiency rank in Thievery, and the Subtle Theft skill feat as a bonus feat. If you would automatically become trained in Thievery (from your background or class, for example), you instead become trained in a skill of your choice.

5th Level

Unbalancing Pirouette – Feat 5 (Tamgol) <Reaction>

Trigger: An enemy in your reach makes a melee Strike against you.
Requirements: You’re aware of the attack and aren’t flat-footed.
Prerequisite: trained in Performance

You use your small stature and grace to throw an aggressing enemy off balance, creating an opening. Attempt a performance check against the enemy’s Reflex DC.
Success The enemy becomes flat-footed until the start of their next turn.
Critical Failure You stumble, becoming flat-footed to the triggering attack.

Canopy Climber – Feat 5 (Tamgol)

You are practiced at climbing trees (or walls) and moving nimbly through the canopy (or rooftops). You gain a Climb Speed of 10 feet.

Guided Protection – Feat 5 (Tamgol)

Prerequisite: Trained in Diplomacy

You’re skilled at giving meaningful advice and encouragement to bolster your allies’ defenses. You can use the Aid reaction to assist an ally’s saving throw instead of a skill or attack, using diplomacy for the check.

Nourishing Snacks – Feat 5 (Tamgol)

Prerequisite: Trained in Cooking Lore

Traditional Tamgol cooking can be used to fortify health. During daily preparation, if you have access to cookware or a kitchen, you can prepare up to 3 medicinal snacks, which remain effective until your next daily preparations. A creature can consume one of these snacks as an action to gain a +1 circumstance bonus to their next save against an ongoing poison or disease affliction. This bonus is cumulative with those provided by Treat Poison and Treat Disease. If you are an expert in Cooking lore, you can prepare up to 5 snacks, and they each grant a +2 circumstance bonus.

Firm Handshake – Feat 5 (Tamgol)

Prerequisite: Trained in Diplomacy

Your confident manner, charming smile and firm handshake make it difficult for others to say “no” to you. You gain Expert proficiency in Diplomacy. Critical failures to Make an Impression or Request are instead treated as failures.

9th Level

Exceptional Pirouette – Feat 9 (Tamgol)

Prerequisite: Unbalancing Pirouette

When you succeed at performing an Unbalancing Pirouette, you may choose to spin both you and the enemy, switching positions with them. On a critical success, you also gain a +2 circumstance bonus to AC against the triggering attack.

Grand Liberation – Feat 9 (Tamgol)

Prerequisite: Master in Thievery

Your ability at freeing underappreciated items is exceptional. You can cast Shrink Item as an innate arcane spell once per day, though its effects automatically end if the item leaves your possession. With any object under the effect of this spell, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus to checks to Conceal an Object.

13th Level

Feat Title – Feat 13 (Ancestry)

Feat Text.

17th Level

Feat Title – Feat 17 (Ancestry)

Feat Text.

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